Oh God, This is the Best Video of All Time

24 01 2011

Super duper hat tip to Craig for this epic submission

Whenever I see a video that humorously spoofs something that most of America finds annoying, like movies starring Cam Gigandet and anything written by Snookie, I usually comment about how I wish I had the sheer talent required to do such things. When you really think about it, writing snarky jokes about pop culture isn’t nearly as hard as creating a two minute Youtube video that provides nothing but belly laughs for its entirety. I simply have neither the tools nor the wit to do something like that (ok, maybe I have the wit, but it doesn’t flow out as freely as the really popular internet funny guys… wait, I worded that wrong).

So with humble comments shoved aside and laughed at, here is a video by some guy named Mark Little. Soon enough he’s just going to be known as “That Mark Little” or maybe “That Funny Truck Spoof Guy”, because his parody of the annoyingly pretentious Ford F-150 truck commercials is as perfect as a spoof can be. It takes the douchery of the Ford commercials, then raises that douchery manliness to the necessary levels of absurdity, and then…… why am I using such big words to describe such a simple concept? This video is really freaking funny. Watch and enjoy, and then watch it again. Trust me, you’ll grow testicles.




3 responses

24 01 2011
James Fischer


24 01 2011
Matt Suppes

I still can’t stop laughing at “Don’t be a Nimby”

What does that even mean!?!? Brilliant!

24 01 2011


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