Music Recommendation: Metronomy

28 01 2011

What happens when you mix three Brits with a bunch of electronic instruments? They make an alt-techno band, idiot. And today’s recommended alt-techno band is none other than Metronomy, a (formerly) trio of guys who love to party, but were kicked out of said party and delegated to making the music for the party instead. Do you follow me? Of course not, let’s move on!

[rambling and, more importantly, videos after the jump]

Normally I don’t get into music that strays too far from the guitar-drum-bass rhythms that I got into as a kid. Sure, there are bleeps and bloops in quite a few newer bands that have made my ears happy (Foals being the prime example), but I’ve truly been able to get into straight-up techno. Metronomy isn’t straight-up techno, but it is the closest that I’ve come to it.

The guys behind Metronomy haven’t made too much in terms of recorded material; so far the group has only released two full CD’s of original work. That said, it’s hard to not like virtually any of the songs on their sophomore CD, Nights Out.

I’ve said in previous music-related posts that it is very, very easy to get me into something. Essentially, all you have to do is play me something with any of the following:

  • Loud, funky bass guitar
  • Interesting rhythms (hello, math rock)
  • Any sort of technical mastery with instruments (IE Rush)
  • Chorus-sounding arpeggios (as noted in my post on The Chameleons)
  • No black people

Haha, I’m just kidding you on that last one, but you probably get the idea. I could care less about lyrics, as long as the music is catchy, rhythmic, and semi-unique, I’ll probably find it tolerable. Beyond that first step, the little things determine whether I casually listen to this group on the radio or go out and buy all of their CD’s immediately.

What Metronomy does that makes me enjoy them so much is simple; their songs have beats that are catchier than VD and heavy on the bass, and the different sounds they make usually layer over to create a sort of sunshine-y atmosphere that makes love to my ear holes. It’s great to fist-pump to while driving around town.

That’s really all there is to it. Metronomy is a catchy, fun little group that’s made some good stuff.

One more note: Their music videos, to date, have been pretty effing fun to watch.




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