Music Recommendation: Codeine Velvet Club (And My Man Crush On Jon Fratelli).

31 01 2011

Hey. Are you Jon Fratelli? No? Then shut up and read!

Some of you may be saying Jon Fratelli? Is he the guy who invented the turnip? Or you may be asking; Jimmy, could you not think of a Mexican dish that sounded like Fratelli so you chose “turnip”? The answer to both questions is no! Jon Fratelli, who was born John Lawler (LAWL!), is the lead singer of the Fratellis, and now the lead singer of Codeine Velvet Club. Meet me after the jump for more on Codeine Velvet Club and the sexy Jon Fratelli!

Welcome back, reader! I hope you didn’t tire yourself out clicking on the little button to get here. Anyways. Codeine Velvet Club consists of singer-song writer Lou Hickey, and of course the ever talented Jon Lawler (CVC also has a bunch of random unnamed musicians that Wikipedia didn’t give me). Lou Hickey is a wonderful female vocalist.


It is very difficult to please me when it comes to female vocalists. I have only found a few I can listen too. One of the vocalists that I admire is the female singer who appears on the album Kezia by Protest the Hero. Another is Lou Hickey of Codeine Velvet Club. Her voice and Lawler’s voice compliment one another perfectly. Her voice is pretty rockin’ if I do say so myself.


Hickey on the left, and John on the right!

Track B-b-b-breakdown!


A jazzy little number. The song consists of Lawler on lead vocals and Hickey on backup vocals. Like most tracks from the album, this song has an orchestra behind it, with strings and brass and all. I’m a major sucker for any rock/pop/alternative/metal/gibberish song with a background of strings or brass (See Chiodos or The Dear Hunter). A fairly upbeat song. The song has a vintage sounding touch to it, like most of the songs off the album. Most of their videos and pictures also have a vintage air to them.

Vanity Kills-3:30

A nice tune with a sing song type exchange between the two singers. The vocals in this song are impeccable. ‘

A good video, although there are some interruptions that break away from the song. Obnoxious? Kind of.

The Black Roses-3:26

Beginning with a little stand up bass, followed by a little trippy guitar riff, followed my Jon’s delicious voice. The chorus consists of Hickey and her beautiful voice. This is one of my favorites off of the album, because it has a perfect balance between Jon and Hickey. A fun little tune.

Little Sister-2:32

Small solos galore. A nice trumpet/duet goes on a little into the song. This song is heavy on the brass, and has both Jon and Hickey on lead vocals. The song also has a fair amount of guitar in it. A joyous jazzy song. Picture a girl on stage in a short dress singing a nice jazz number, then throw in Jon Fratelli? Awesome picture, right? If it isn’t, you hit your head on your keyboard before reading this.


John Lawler: Not Jack White.

See you next time reader! Have a super Indie day!




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31 01 2011
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[…] Music Recommendation: Codeine Velvet Club (And My Man Crush On Jon … […]

10 03 2011

Ok this is crazy weird. I’m super sexist when it comes to singers as well (just always think dudes sound more rock n’ roll or something… I dunno) and I’m obsessed with the Fratellis. About a month ago I discovered Codeine Velvet Club and fell utterly in love. When I started a song that seemed fairly Fratellis-ey, Little Sister, I was delighted to find all the sudden a girl joining in and the chick actually ENHANCED the song. She’s incredible on every track and I could not believe it.

Anyway all that’s not too weird but you literally picked my 4 favorite CVC songs. Great post keep spreading the word!!

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