My Snowmageddon Laundry List

31 01 2011

Hey, kids! Do you live an area stretching from Kansas City to Pittsburgh? If you do, chances are good that you’ve heard about some sort of snow storm that is predicted (*predicted) to be one of the most epically disatrous winter weather events in quite some time. Check these quotes out from around the country!

University of Missouri News Bureau

Based on a predicted, historic weather event and to ensure the safety of the campus community, University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton has announced full closure of the MU campus and the cancellation of all classes, effective 4 p.m. Monday, Jan. 31, through Tuesday night, Feb. 1.

Chicago Tribune

The weather service called the approaching storm “dangerous, multifaceted and potentially life-threatening.” [I don’t even know what multifaceted means and I’m scared! – Ed]

“The last storm of this potential magnitude to hit Chicago was in Jan. 2, 1999,” said Richard Castro, a meteorologist at the weather service. That day, he said, 18.6 inches of accumulation were measured in the city.

Nancy Loo’s Twitter

It’s coming, Chicago!#Snowmageddon #Snowpocalypse#Tsnownami #Blizzaster #snOMG#Snowprah #Chlizzard. Which terms did I miss? [Four Snowmen of the Apocalypse – Ed]

Yeah, it’s supposed to be pretty big.

Anyways, I’ve found these recent storms to be a great time to relax and indulge in my geek-pleasures after a long morning of shoveling. Given that my toothpick arms aren’t suited for the frozen water-scraping to begin with, it’s nice to be able to actually sit down and expel the thoughts of the clusterf*ck that is going on outside.

This is a good thing too, because I currently have a lot of games that have been abandoned halfway through. School, sports, and general “whatevs-ness” about playing games during the work/school week have put me in a hole, and due to lack of topics I feel like writing about, I’m detailing it all out to waste some time in the awful weather. My Snowmageddon Laundry List, after the jump.

Video Games

Dead Space 2 (35% complete): I’ve now owned this game for three days, and I got a few hours worth of the single player campaign. Based on the first four chapters, um, HOLY SHIT. It’s pretty much everything I expected and more. While Trevor has already beat the whole damn thing, I unfortunately don’t have the ability to stay up past 9 PM. Another big roadblock is my brother, who just loves to play Call of Duty for 5 straight hours and then let me have the Xbox for 30 minutes. Sidenote: I am a whiny 12-year-old.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (38% complete): Honestly, I don’t know what happened here. I got Arkham Asylum based on lots of praise from various gaming friends, played some of it, enjoyed it a lot, and then just forgot about it for a month or so. I’d probably put it back in were it not for fear that the disc won’t read.

Fallout: New Vegas (50% complete): A few weeks ago I went on an epic, two day long Fallout binge and got quite a few things done, but even a hardcore fan like me can take too much of a good thing (besides Jimmy). It’s been two weeks since my New Vegas-bender, but maybe I’ll go off on another one when Snowmageddon roles around.

God of War 2 (60% complete): I got off to a fast start with the second hack-and-slash masterpiece, but I quickly got sidetracked by a combination of Fallout and Kingdom Hearts II. Hoping to finish the game on a Saturday night sometime in the future.

Kingdom Hearts 2 (completed, thank God): With Kingdom Hearts fans, it’s me and five million girls who love anime and cosplay, but I don’t care… well, I kind of care. I will note that I mute the cheesiest cut-scenes.


Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy (25% complete): Yeah, McCarthy is a pretty good author, and this is a pretty good book. Totally hoping that James Franco keeps his word and adapts this into a movie.

Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt (85% complete): Perhaps the only thing not named Dead Space 2 that has a chance of being finished during Snowmageddon, possibly because it will be due at school (presumably) next Monday. At least this is one of the few school-assigned books that I have truly enjoyed.

That’s it! What are you doing on Snowmageddon? You know, outside of cleaning driveways and trying to not die and whatnot?




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