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4 02 2011

A recent spate of snow days has sent me into a spiral of nerdiness from which I may never recover, not that I quite want to. The main factor in my self inflicted loneliness? The wonder that is Dead Space 2. Hopefully, in the near future, me and Suppes will geek out and audibly yell at you why this game rocks. After the jump, I say more things.

He followed me home! Can I keep him?

I’m going to pretend like I haven’t beaten it twice already, and that I don’t plan on beating it at least three more. But those are blatant lies and should not be trusted.

Another thing I plan on completing several time is Scott Pilgrim. Not the movie, although admittedly I have seen that five times also. No, I’m talking about the amazing series of graphic novels that predated the movie.

The Power of Friendship!

The movie, while amazing, leaves out a lot of the story. Mostly minor details, but some stuff has been changed considerably, and characters dropped or rewritten. However, the basic story remains the same: Scott Pilgrim must beat up the 7 evil ex-boyfriends of the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers. Written and drawn fantastically by Bryan Lee O’Malley, the six book series is absolutely worth checking out, whether or not you’ve seen the movie.

The other thing currently eating up my time is the fact that I just obtained the entire series of Twin Peaks on DVD, thanks to my local library. I’ve been told that Twin Peaks is one of the weirdest shows to be ever broadcast on television, and given that the director is David Lynch, I have no trouble believing that. I’d give you a picture for this section of the article, but I’m so scared I’ll accidentally spoil something for myself that I refuse to even enter “Twin Peaks” into Google. But anyway, that’s what’s been going on. I’d type more, but this show is calling my name.*

*The show is Dead Space 2.




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