Double Whammy: My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials and Bookmare 2011

7 02 2011

Honestly, I’m not even sure if this commercial was part of yesterday’s Super Bowl commercials. I missed the first quarter or so of the game on television, and all I know is that this was a finalist for Doritos’ annual SB commercial competition. It sounds like the winner was the creepy finger sucking commercial, so I’m giving an extra shout-out to the birthday commercial, which is equal parts silly and inappropriate. Let’s break it down:

  • Boring old dad looks eerily similar to Maps and Atlases singer Dave Davison. He also is goofy and acts like a silly little kid.
  • He suddenly pulls a dick move on his “son” (that kid looks nothing like the parents) and blows out the candles for a box of Doritos.
  • There is suddenly a hip hop robot. Slightly overweight dad and robot dance badly.
  • The end

I was pretty much on the floor trying to re-learn how to breathe after losing said ability from laughing so hard. A close second/ third place goes to these videos.

Because pugs are freaking awesome, and because the modern day guy in the Carmax commercial does a good job of being seriously confused and terrified.

Now, after the jump I have what may be the most ridiculous reading list of my entire life. Click the jump and watch in horror; it’s BOOKMARE 2011!

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My Snowmageddon Laundry List

31 01 2011

Hey, kids! Do you live an area stretching from Kansas City to Pittsburgh? If you do, chances are good that you’ve heard about some sort of snow storm that is predicted (*predicted) to be one of the most epically disatrous winter weather events in quite some time. Check these quotes out from around the country!

University of Missouri News Bureau

Based on a predicted, historic weather event and to ensure the safety of the campus community, University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton has announced full closure of the MU campus and the cancellation of all classes, effective 4 p.m. Monday, Jan. 31, through Tuesday night, Feb. 1.

Chicago Tribune

The weather service called the approaching storm “dangerous, multifaceted and potentially life-threatening.” [I don’t even know what multifaceted means and I’m scared! – Ed]

“The last storm of this potential magnitude to hit Chicago was in Jan. 2, 1999,” said Richard Castro, a meteorologist at the weather service. That day, he said, 18.6 inches of accumulation were measured in the city.

Nancy Loo’s Twitter

It’s coming, Chicago!#Snowmageddon #Snowpocalypse#Tsnownami #Blizzaster #snOMG#Snowprah #Chlizzard. Which terms did I miss? [Four Snowmen of the Apocalypse – Ed]

Yeah, it’s supposed to be pretty big.

Anyways, I’ve found these recent storms to be a great time to relax and indulge in my geek-pleasures after a long morning of shoveling. Given that my toothpick arms aren’t suited for the frozen water-scraping to begin with, it’s nice to be able to actually sit down and expel the thoughts of the clusterf*ck that is going on outside.

This is a good thing too, because I currently have a lot of games that have been abandoned halfway through. School, sports, and general “whatevs-ness” about playing games during the work/school week have put me in a hole, and due to lack of topics I feel like writing about, I’m detailing it all out to waste some time in the awful weather. My Snowmageddon Laundry List, after the jump.

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Our Dead Space 2 Appetizer: The 5 Craziest Ways to Die in Dead Space

23 01 2011


Awwwww, he likes you!

This Tuesday brings only one real thing of note, and that’s the true sequel to one of the very first horror video games that I ever played. Now if you’ve read any of my past posts, you probably know that I’m still kind of new to this concept of “horror”. When I first caught wind of the original Dead Space, I had only just got through my 14 year stage of being afraid of anything classified as scary, even if ‘scary’ was something like Ben Rothelisberger’s face (and damn is that thing scary). But after successfully watching The Omen and not screaming at an episode of X-Files, I finally grew a pair and picked up Dead Space due to the universal acclaim it was receiving around the internet.

After I had played the game for a few hours, the pair that I managed to grow was nowhere to be found (sidenote: Come back, testicles!). I’m sure there are scarier games out there, and I now realize that Dead Space utilized a lot of gameplay aspects from Resident Evil 4, but this was a first-time experience for me and I was too busy trying to not turn off the game when a necromorph jumped out of an air vent. It may have took a year off my life, but Dead Space was definitely a fun game to play.

Now we are only two days from a sequel that looks to only improve on what the original started, with more necromorphs, fewer repetitive corridors, and much more. Of the people writing things for this site, at least two of us are excited for Dead Space 2, those being Trevor and yours truly. Jimmy should be on board, but he’s been too busy playing Fallout to even start the first Dead Space game. As for the two females, well, it would certainly be fun to watch them play it.

Anyways, to help quell the serious geek-pains that I’m currently experiencing, I’ve selected the five most brutal ways for Isaac Clarke to die in the original game. Warning: It’s gonna get a little brutal after the jump.

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10 Movies I Like, So There

20 01 2011

If there’s one thing I’m seriously good at, it’s telling people what movies I like and don’t like. I don’t really feel like telling you why at the moment, so I’m just handing you a list and letting you run wild with it yourself (oh look at my self-importance assuming that anyone is going to read my list of thoughtfully chosen movies! Lawlz) So without further ado and a jump, czech it out.

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5 Great Narrators in Movies and Television

10 01 2011

Not pictured: The narrator. Why? Because he's the f*cking narrator, that's why.

Of all the types of characters in the world of entertainment, the narrator is usually the most boring. Unless the topic at hand is being presented in documentary form, the narrator usually shows up in the beginning of the story, maybe shows up a time or two in the middle, and then wraps everything up at the end. All of this is usually done a droll, normal tone. In short, the narrator gives you the background info in a no-nonsense matter and then gets out of the way so you can enjoy the real action.

But that doesn’t mean the narrator can’t be an interesting, and sometimes even exciting part of a TV show or movie. Click the jump to see some examples of narrators that do a little bit more than what is required.

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The Year That Was: 2010 Reflection, Part 2

2 01 2011

[You can read Emily’s 2010 post if you click this]

Ahhh the New Year; a day that really has no meaning, but people love to get irresponsibly drunk the day before. That definitely makes sense.

I have no qualms with the year as a whole. There were plenty of fine movies to watch, games to play, shows to watch, and illegally downloaded CD’s to listen to. Whatever, there is no reason to drag on this intro other than for me to tell you that it’s my opinion, screw you. Anyways, I have plenty of opinions to give on the previous 365 days or so, so click el jumpo to see all of my favorites in entertainment from 2010. Onward!

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Last Minute Gifts for the Entire Family

23 12 2010


Perfect for any relative that lives in Mexico


There, now that I’ve turned off any potential readers with my caps lock whoring, click the jump to find some last minute gifts that have a good chance of making your family members respect you a little bit more. Because nobody wants to be that douche who just gives you stale bread and orange peels… or is that just my family? Those crazy Catholics.

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