First Impressions of Okamiden! (From an Okami Nerd)

21 03 2011

Dear all those who are reading this: If you have looked at any of my other blog posts (If you haven’t, read them now you ass), you would know that I am in love with Okami. Okami is my favorite game. Ever. So when the news came that there was going to be a sequel, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited. I rushed right to the nearest Game Stop to preorder me a copy of Okamiden. The following article will be a smidgen of my opinion on the game; the full review will come later. Here is my first impression of Okamiden, straight from an Okami addict.

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Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

4 03 2011


Well hello, readers! We all have those video games where the music is incredibly catchy, and just sticks with us, right? Well I know I do. And I can confirm that I have around 530 tracks on my iPod from various video game soundtracks. From Zelda to Silent Hill, I tell you what the best are!

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Dead Island: Quite Possibly the Most Epic Video Game Trailer Ever

16 02 2011

Let’s detail out a few quick facts here before I link the epic-ness you are about to see:

  1. I randomly saw a tweet by Entertainment Weekly for the trailer of this game. I was intrigued, as I hadn’t heard anything about it at all, and because I’m a sucker for zombie games, moves, et cetera.
  2. I was simply expecting a normal, action packed, heavy metal-filled zombie video game trailer.
  3. I saw the description “Lost-meets-The Walking Dead and suddenly became way more interested.

And then I watched the trailer…

Hoe. Lee. Shit.

Say it with me now: Hoe. Lee. Shit.

I know that trailers of any sort shouldn’t be used to judge an unreleased game or movie, but damn. I think it’s going to be pretty hard for me to not pick up a copy of this when the game comes out, especially if the game is story driven ala World War Z.

What’s more is that this is coming off of the trailer for the decade-late game Duke Nukem Forever, which had an equally entertaining trailer, albeit far less serious. What are we coming to in this world where people are making video game trailers amazingly artistic? In short, I have to play this game now.

[Sidenote: As far as movie trailers go so far this year, Battle: Los Angeles definitely takes the cake. Sure, there’s a good chance it can still be a lackluster movie, but it’s certainly not straightforwardly cheesy like Skyline.]

H/T to EW

Violence, Survival, Twinkies: Why is the Zombie Apocalypse So Popular?

2 02 2011

It’s 2:38 PM. Do you know where your son is? Oh yeah, that’s right. He’s sitting on the couch with his laptop, unable to drive more than five meters before getting trapped in a five-foot snowdrift, listening to his mom work from home and his brother scream “OMG FAGGOT” while playing Call of Duty.

Sitting here in the midst of Missouri’s first “blizzard” that I can ever recall, I continue to have thoughts along the lines of snow and zombies. The snow because of the fact that I took part in a Snowcabulary marathon with Trevor, Jimmy, and few more Twitter buddies, and zombies because (a) I’ve been invested in Dead Space 2 of late and (b) this whole storm has been treated like some sort of apocalypse. The National Weather Service (of The Onion) didn’t name it Snowmageddon for nothing.

[FACT: This video only had around ten thousand hits a few days ago.]

Anyways, I’m mostly typing this to save myself from sheer boredom. That said, I’ve still always held some serious interest in how we as a culture of entertainment-loving people are so mesmerized by depictions of the apocalypse, which in most cases involve some sort of zombie, mutant, or cannibal providing the main source of danger. Follow me after the jump as I delve into what makes us love the Zombie Apocalypse so much.

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My Snowmageddon Laundry List

31 01 2011

Hey, kids! Do you live an area stretching from Kansas City to Pittsburgh? If you do, chances are good that you’ve heard about some sort of snow storm that is predicted (*predicted) to be one of the most epically disatrous winter weather events in quite some time. Check these quotes out from around the country!

University of Missouri News Bureau

Based on a predicted, historic weather event and to ensure the safety of the campus community, University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton has announced full closure of the MU campus and the cancellation of all classes, effective 4 p.m. Monday, Jan. 31, through Tuesday night, Feb. 1.

Chicago Tribune

The weather service called the approaching storm “dangerous, multifaceted and potentially life-threatening.” [I don’t even know what multifaceted means and I’m scared! – Ed]

“The last storm of this potential magnitude to hit Chicago was in Jan. 2, 1999,” said Richard Castro, a meteorologist at the weather service. That day, he said, 18.6 inches of accumulation were measured in the city.

Nancy Loo’s Twitter

It’s coming, Chicago!#Snowmageddon #Snowpocalypse#Tsnownami #Blizzaster #snOMG#Snowprah #Chlizzard. Which terms did I miss? [Four Snowmen of the Apocalypse – Ed]

Yeah, it’s supposed to be pretty big.

Anyways, I’ve found these recent storms to be a great time to relax and indulge in my geek-pleasures after a long morning of shoveling. Given that my toothpick arms aren’t suited for the frozen water-scraping to begin with, it’s nice to be able to actually sit down and expel the thoughts of the clusterf*ck that is going on outside.

This is a good thing too, because I currently have a lot of games that have been abandoned halfway through. School, sports, and general “whatevs-ness” about playing games during the work/school week have put me in a hole, and due to lack of topics I feel like writing about, I’m detailing it all out to waste some time in the awful weather. My Snowmageddon Laundry List, after the jump.

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Our Dead Space 2 Appetizer: The 5 Craziest Ways to Die in Dead Space

23 01 2011


Awwwww, he likes you!

This Tuesday brings only one real thing of note, and that’s the true sequel to one of the very first horror video games that I ever played. Now if you’ve read any of my past posts, you probably know that I’m still kind of new to this concept of “horror”. When I first caught wind of the original Dead Space, I had only just got through my 14 year stage of being afraid of anything classified as scary, even if ‘scary’ was something like Ben Rothelisberger’s face (and damn is that thing scary). But after successfully watching The Omen and not screaming at an episode of X-Files, I finally grew a pair and picked up Dead Space due to the universal acclaim it was receiving around the internet.

After I had played the game for a few hours, the pair that I managed to grow was nowhere to be found (sidenote: Come back, testicles!). I’m sure there are scarier games out there, and I now realize that Dead Space utilized a lot of gameplay aspects from Resident Evil 4, but this was a first-time experience for me and I was too busy trying to not turn off the game when a necromorph jumped out of an air vent. It may have took a year off my life, but Dead Space was definitely a fun game to play.

Now we are only two days from a sequel that looks to only improve on what the original started, with more necromorphs, fewer repetitive corridors, and much more. Of the people writing things for this site, at least two of us are excited for Dead Space 2, those being Trevor and yours truly. Jimmy should be on board, but he’s been too busy playing Fallout to even start the first Dead Space game. As for the two females, well, it would certainly be fun to watch them play it.

Anyways, to help quell the serious geek-pains that I’m currently experiencing, I’ve selected the five most brutal ways for Isaac Clarke to die in the original game. Warning: It’s gonna get a little brutal after the jump.

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Fallout: New Vegas-My Top 5 Guns!

21 01 2011

Hello Fallout fans! I have been playing New Vegas nonstop recently. Among discovering every location in the game, I have also spent my time collecting a large arsenal of good and customized weapons. Even though the energy weapons are fun, it’s difficult to buy enough ammo for the energy weapons when the entire Van Graff family is dead. I have pretty much every gun in the game, so I know me some guns. I may have Maria, but I still don’t have a girlfriend. Meet me after the jump to read more of my nerdgasm!

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