5 Famous People I Would Love to Hang Out With

10 12 2010

[Happy 100th post!]

I’m not sure if I could handle being famous, or at least famous enough to be put on TMZ if I got caught eating a whole pizza and a can of spray cheese on a subway. Just thinking about having to deal with the constant interviews, singing of autographs, and dealing with the inevitable craziness that affects most A-List celebrities makes me feel¬†queasy. It’s obvious that the majority of super celebrities in the world are batshit insane, but there are quite a few people in movies, TV, sports, et cetera, that are (Or seem to be) genuinely interesting, but also, you know, not quite as batshit insane.

Sure, some of these seemingly normal famous people could just be really good at hiding their inner-crazy, and they might even be hiding some creepy-ass fetishes (Perhaps a cellar full of Beanie Babies?) from the¬†paparazzi, but I’m willing to take a chance on some of these people. So yes, there’s a possibility that some of these people might secretly be douchebags like Christian Bale that would cuss me out for bringing them a glazed donut instead of a danish, but I’m just shameless to admit that I’d try to spend a day with them anyway. Click the jump to see five people that I would love to hang out with.

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5 Good Examples of Old People Kicking Ass

2 11 2010


She drinks Polident for breakfast

The elderly often get a bad rep for plenty of things. They often drive slow, have trouble hearing, and tell long stories about The War that end in either snoring or self-urination. They also don’t mind telling a waitress that their tramp stamp is showing, or telling their grandchildren that his or her outfit looks gay….. My Argyles are not gay, Grammy. But it’s not like the quirks and mannerisms of old age are their fault. If I had to live through The Great Depression, war, hippies, and New Coke, I’d probably be pissed off at every kid in America too.

To honor the people that yell at me for loitering on their lawn, here are five reminders that old people can still kick some serious ass, as long as it’s between 6 AM and 8:45 PM.

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The Week Ahead: Oct. 17-23

16 10 2010

[A lot of exciting things are happening this week in the world of entertainment, guys. Click the jump to read about Fallout, Paranormal Activity 2, Fallout, Mizzou, Fallout, and Kirby. And Fallout.]


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.



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