Our Dead Space 2 Appetizer: The 5 Craziest Ways to Die in Dead Space

23 01 2011


Awwwww, he likes you!

This Tuesday brings only one real thing of note, and that’s the true sequel to one of the very first horror video games that I ever played. Now if you’ve read any of my past posts, you probably know that I’m still kind of new to this concept of “horror”. When I first caught wind of the original Dead Space, I had only just got through my 14 year stage of being afraid of anything classified as scary, even if ‘scary’ was something like Ben Rothelisberger’s face (and damn is that thing scary). But after successfully watching The Omen and not screaming at an episode of X-Files, I finally grew a pair and picked up Dead Space due to the universal acclaim it was receiving around the internet.

After I had played the game for a few hours, the pair that I managed to grow was nowhere to be found (sidenote: Come back, testicles!). I’m sure there are scarier games out there, and I now realize that Dead Space utilized a lot of gameplay aspects from Resident Evil 4, but this was a first-time experience for me and I was too busy trying to not turn off the game when a necromorph jumped out of an air vent. It may have took a year off my life, but Dead Space was definitely a fun game to play.

Now we are only two days from a sequel that looks to only improve on what the original started, with more necromorphs, fewer repetitive corridors, and much more. Of the people writing things for this site, at least two of us are excited for Dead Space 2, those being Trevor and yours truly. Jimmy should be on board, but he’s been too busy playing Fallout to even start the first Dead Space game. As for the two females, well, it would certainly be fun to watch them play it.

Anyways, to help quell the serious geek-pains that I’m currently experiencing, I’ve selected the five most brutal ways for Isaac Clarke to die in the original game. Warning: It’s gonna get a little brutal after the jump.

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