Web Wednesday: The Wonderful World of Van Der Beek

19 01 2011

Hey, douches! Somebody actually recommended funny internet stuff to me. Finally, I don’t have to scour the internet for slightly above average Tumblrs. Thanks to our (likely) only regular reader that isn’t somehow related to me, Craig for the suggestions!

Website of the Week: James Van Der Memes

Honestly, I don’t give too big of a shit about James Van Der Beek’s career. All I know is that he starred on some show, was memorable for crying like a bitch, and then he randomly played the quarterback in Varsity Blues. If I was this age in the 90’s, I’d probably show my hatred for Van Der Beek on whatever the 90’s version of a blog is…. an 8 Track? Wait, wait, a slam poetry club. Damn I’m so witty! Can I get a high five? Anyone?

Thanks, James Van Der Beek!

But now all of that theoretical hate is all behind me, because now Van Der Beek seems to have embraced the idea that people love people that will make fun of themselves, and nothing says “I’m a good sport!” like contributing gifs that lampoon his Van Der Beek-ness.

What’s more is that Funny or Die got in on the act recently. The result? Well, I certainly don’t hate James Van Der Beek anymore… well, I really never did hate him… whatever. Videos after el jumpo.

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Web Wednesday: Face Swaps, Basketball, Basketball (and Basketball)

5 01 2011

[I won’t sugarcoat it, I’m really not trying tonight. Still, that doesn’t deny the fact that these sites and videos are awesome. So hush it.]

Awesome (non-basketball) Site

Face Swaps: People who spend time getting to know me learn that I love three things: Puppies, argyle sweaters, and stupid Photoshops. Face Swaps, occasionally, employs all three of those things. But mostly it’s the Photoshops. There’s something about those comic strip-like close ups that make me squeal like a pig in a Geico commercial. They are really something.

[After the jump are a lot of college basketball related sites and videos. Wallow in the glow of conference season!]

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Web Wednesday: Zero Punctuation, Guidos, Car Ballet

22 12 2010

Awesome Sites:

  • Totally Cool Pix: Totally Cool Pix is stuffed to the gills with some very stunning photo galleries. Honestly, if you’re a fan of cameras and photography (I’m looking at you, Dad), then you could spend hours looking through all the stuff from this site.
  • Zero Punctuation: Technically not a site, Zero Punctuation is a cartoon video series for Escapist, and it’s fucking fantastic. Yahtzee Croshaw is the quintessential pissed-off hipster gamer, and the combination of his fast-talking meanness and hilarious cartoons makes this review series a must watch for any gamer.
  • Shirt.Woot.Com: I’m pretty sure I found this site from a referral on Unreality, and thank God I did. Shirt.Woot is a sort of online community where people submit quirky designs for shirts in themed contests. The winners get a day in the spotlight, and the best shirts go into the reckoning list. The one big quirk? Once your shirt is kicked off the list, you can’t buy it anymore.

[GIFs and Video of the Week after the jump]

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Web Wednesday: “Unnecessary” Quotes, The Fine Brothers, Oprah

1 12 2010


I love being healthy



Fun Sites

  • Sh*t My Kids Ruined: Kids ruin stuff, there’s no escaping that. Just the other day I ran into this kid going 60 on a side street. Do you even realize how long it took to clean that mess up? Awful. Anyways, this site is dedicated to all the stuff those scrawny rugrats screw up, whether we love or hate them (I hate them).
  • “Unnecessary” Quotes: Finally, an educational site that also slaps you in the face. Being a fan of reading and writing and the sort, this site really hits home for me. Because seriously, America is horrible at grammar. From the unnecessary quotes to Ke$ha, this country needs all lot of help picking up slack with their English skills. That’s why I moonlight at an abandoned warehouse, teaching illegals to read and write in exchange for homemade tequila. Mmmm…
  • This is Why You’re Fat: Did I say America is horrible at grammar? Yeah, it’s probably because everyone’s so fat… Ok, I think I’ve tired the douchebag persona enough. Anyways, this site is pretty simple, but it’s easy to get sucked in by all the crazy concoctions that people have made and eaten. I’ve even made my own McGangBang before. This site will change you, and eventually kill you. You know, if you live under a rock and haven’t heard of this site. Give me a break, I’m new to this blogging thing!

[GIFs and videos after the jump!]

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Web Wednesday: Deadspin, Zidane Headbutt, The Black Keys

16 11 2010

Hey, how'd this picture of me get on the internet. Haha, just kidding. I'm not that attractive.

Awesome Sites:

  • Deadspin: Before I get to my obligatory randomly stupid Tumblrs, let me tell you a bit about Deadspin. It’s essentially The Onion for sports fans, and brings you all the sports new you could possibly want in the douchebag manner that most sports stars deserve. Unapologetic, unrelenting, un… something. It’s very funny stuff, you should check it out.
  • F*ck Yeah Sharks: Random Tumblrs make me giggle like an 8-year-old watching a Freidberg and Seltzer movie.
  • Happiest People Ever!: When are they gonna invent sarcasm text? I thought this was going to be a site dedicated to overly happy morons, instead I got a lot of pissy looking children! Either way, this site still makes me giggle like a retarded pig watching a Freidberg and Seltzer movie.

[GIFs and videos after the jump!]

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Web Wednesday: Bat-Pug, Failbook, Crappy Taxidermy

10 11 2010

Awesome Sites:

  • GraphJam: There are two websites belonging to the Cheezburger internet empire that are consistently funny, and GraphJam is one of them. Thanks to that friendly Cheezburger graph maker, now everyone can show the world funny things about life, pop culture, and other things in graph form. The results are usually humorous, at least more humorous than something like this. Ugh.
  • Failbook: Remember when I said that there are two good Cheezburger sites? This is the other site, and to be quite honest, it’s my favorite of the awful Facebook status sites. Facebook can be the bane of some people, but luckily there are sites like Failbook for the semi-intelligent people that love to laugh at the idiocy of others…
  • Crappy Taxidermy: This site is beautiful… beautiful enough to hunt, tan, and stuff. I’m going to have it in the corner of my living room in a fist-pumping pose.

[GIFs and videos after the jump!]

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Web Wednesday: Wayne’s Whip My Hair, Sloths, Awkward Family Photos

3 11 2010

Awesome Sites:

  • Zero Out of Five: Inspiration to give this shout-out goes to Trevor, who put “babies” on a dingo food web for a class that we both attend. Zero Out of Five receives doodles, profanities, and smarmy comments on school papers from people all over America, and then uploads them for viewing pleasure. It’s not the prettiest blog around, but if you enjoy Narwhals as much as I do, then that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

  • Awkward Family Photos: You guys do know about this site, right? Yeah, I bet you do, it is one of those book blogs I mentioned in an earlier Web Wednesday. If you for some reason haven’t visited AFP before, click your way over there immediately. You may get the title, but you won’t know how truly awkward some of those families are until you have a good look through that site. My personal favorite is above, but trust me, there are literally hundreds of photos in there guaranteed to make milk shoot out of your nose.

[GIFs and video after the jump! Trust me, you want to see this.]

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