My Top 3 Video Game Systems

24 11 2010


If you discuss the illustrious history of video games with a group of people long enough, eventually you’ll get to the greatest debate of them all: Which system is the best of all time? Is it the original powerhouse, the NES? How about the newer systems, which boast outstanding graphics and countless features? What if you factor in the games themselves? Does the N64 get your vote for Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, and Super Smash Bros, or is the Xbox and Halo your cup of Mountain Dew? In this article, I will rank my favorites from 3-1. Meet me after the jump to agree with me about everything. Read the rest of this entry »


Video Game Review-Red Faction: Guerrilla.

16 10 2010

For me, there is usually not a game I can pick up, and play, at any time, for any reason, after I have beat it a handful of times. Granted, I have only beaten this particular Red Faction once, I still pick it up all the time and play. Let’s begin with the story. You are on Mars (No, there are absolutely no aliens, nor any sort of hint towards aliens), and you are a miner, as is everyone else on the planet. Except for the EDF (The Earth Defense Force). Simply put, these guys are the baddies. They shoot you. In the beginning of the game, you go to collect scrap metal with your brother (scrap metal is a form of currency on Mars. What a great economy, right?), and the EDF come along and kill him in a completely emotionally devoid scene.

I am a very emotional man, but I shed nary a tear for this unheart-wrenching scene. The rest of the game is rather devoid of a good plot, but with a game like this, it is not that necessary. The goal of the game is to defeat the EDF, so Mars is left in the control of the rebel mines, the Red Faction. This is a sand-box game, where you can run or drive to missions, and complete these missions to gain control of certain areas, unlock new weapons, areas, or gain scrap metal. Missions also allow you to raise the morale in a certain area, and decrease EDF control in an area. When morale is high, the rebel forces on Mars are always willing to join your side in a battle against the EDF, no matter how big or how small. When the morale in an area is low, it’s just you out on that battle field, buddy.

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