Review: ‘The Starter’ by Scott Sigler

18 01 2011

And just like that, I’m out of Scott Sigler stuff to read until his next book is released sometime this summer, or at least that’s what Wikipedia (“Oh my God! Ten years!”) says about the third and final installment of Sigler’s Infected series. Less than three weeks after breezing through Sigler’s first sci-fi sports story, The Rookie, I immediately picked up the 2010 sequel on my Kindle. Despite working on Angela’s Ashes for school and looking around town for a copy of the science fiction survival guide for Emily’s book club (I’ve already read World War Z, so I have plenty of time), I still zipped through The Starter in less than a week. It’s amazing how the Kindle’s percent meter makes me finish books faster.

The Starter stays true to the first installment of the series, giving the reader a story filled with lots of action, intrigue, and tongue-in-cheek humor. What’s more is that the book actually seems to focus more on drama going on off the field than the actual football games this time around. What’s more is that the book as a whole, in the end, feels almost like an expansion pack for a video game than a full-fledged sequel to a novel. That said, there are still plenty reasons to enjoy The Starter, and I’ll detail it all after the jump.

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The Best of 2010!

8 01 2011

Remember this? No? Read this.

Remember 2010? You might not after your drunken debauchery which ushered in the new year. I’m here to help you rejog your memory, with the best of 2010 list!

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Review: ‘The Rookie’ by Scott Sigler

31 12 2010

For the past four years or so, I have gone on a trip with my father, his father, and a group of my grandfather’s former co-workers to Hays, Kansas in December. While this yearly get-togetherĀ is labeled a “pheasant hunting trip”, it truly is a lot more than that. It’s a chance for my grandpa to catch up with a lot of his good friends from work, who are all a bunch of goofballs that playfully torment him (and the rest of the Suppes clan) to no end. It’s a time to get some fresh air and take in the scenery whilst shooting at birds. Most importantly, though, it’s a time to embrace the three qualities that define a man’s existence: Family, friends, and being a man.

Does this have anything to do with The Rookie, a science fiction and sports drama novel by Scott Sigler? A little bit, as those three qualities are key to all of the people in the book, especially the main character. But I guess the real reason I’m talking about my family matters is because I spent every second, and by every second I mean every motherf*cking second not spent hanging out with the hunting party reading The Rookie on my brand-spanking new Kindle. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that I got hooked on yet another work by Scott Sigler (I also got cocaine-like addictions while reading Infected, Contagious, and Ancestor), but it simply amazes me that I constantly get rock solid support for my Sigler mancrush in the form of his work.

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Suppes’ Halloween Goodies: The Podcasts and Published Works of Scott Sigler

25 10 2010


Nice guy

If you’re a fan of horror novels, then surely you have heard of names like H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Richard Matheson, and Dean Koontz. Chances are good that you’ve read at least one book by any of the previously mentioned writers as well. While all of those guys are simply amazing in every aspect of their horror stories, I’ve recently been in love with one author and one author only: Scott Sigler, the future of Sci-Fi Thrillers as we know it.

The dude started out by giving his science fiction and horror stories away in the form of podcast episodes. Thanks to the popularity and success of his podcast books, Sigler grew a huge following of fans (Nicknamed “junkies”) and eventually landed a deal with Random House Publishing. He has since released three books, and they all deserve to be sitting on your bookshelf as we speak. Read about them after the jump!

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