Web Wednesday: Zero Punctuation, Guidos, Car Ballet

22 12 2010

Awesome Sites:

  • Totally Cool Pix: Totally Cool Pix is stuffed to the gills with some very stunning photo galleries. Honestly, if you’re a fan of cameras and photography (I’m looking at you, Dad), then you could spend hours looking through all the stuff from this site.
  • Zero Punctuation: Technically not a site, Zero Punctuation is a cartoon video series for Escapist, and it’s fucking fantastic. Yahtzee Croshaw is the quintessential pissed-off hipster gamer, and the combination of his fast-talking meanness and hilarious cartoons makes this review series a must watch for any gamer.
  • Shirt.Woot.Com: I’m pretty sure I found this site from a referral on Unreality, and thank God I did. Shirt.Woot is a sort of online community where people submit quirky designs for shirts in themed contests. The winners get a day in the spotlight, and the best shirts go into the reckoning list. The one big quirk? Once your shirt is kicked off the list, you can’t buy it anymore.

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Web Wednesday: Deadspin, Zidane Headbutt, The Black Keys

16 11 2010

Hey, how'd this picture of me get on the internet. Haha, just kidding. I'm not that attractive.

Awesome Sites:

  • Deadspin: Before I get to my obligatory randomly stupid Tumblrs, let me tell you a bit about Deadspin. It’s essentially The Onion for sports fans, and brings you all the sports new you could possibly want in the douchebag manner that most sports stars deserve.¬†Unapologetic,¬†unrelenting, un… something. It’s very funny stuff, you should check it out.
  • F*ck Yeah Sharks: Random Tumblrs make me giggle like an 8-year-old watching a Freidberg and Seltzer movie.
  • Happiest People Ever!: When are they gonna invent sarcasm text? I thought this was going to be a site dedicated to overly happy morons, instead I got a lot of pissy looking children! Either way, this site still makes me giggle like a retarded pig watching a Freidberg and Seltzer movie.

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