The Week Ahead: Dec. 13-19

12 12 2010

[Can you believe we’re only a couple weeks away from Christmas? I sure as hell can’t. Anyways, we have a pretty big week of movies, some huge games in the NFL, as well as the start of college bowl games, and a very unproductive week in video games. If you love hearing me rant about awful remakes, potentially good reboots, and big people hitting each other over an oblong-shaped ball, then continue after the jump. That’s right, all five of you.]

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The Week Ahead: Dec 6-12

5 12 2010

[Ahh December, the second greatest month of the year (Second to March, obviously). The movies are flying fast, there are plenty of NFL, NBA and college basketball games to choose from, and while there is only on video game of note being released this week, it is an expansion to one of the biggest phenomenons in PC gaming. In short, it’s a busy looking week. Check out all the details after the jump.]

Fear this man

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The Week Ahead: Nov 29 – Dec 5

28 11 2010

[Thanksgiving is over, and I’ve already been over-stimulated with Christmas music/ The Chanukah Song. Call me crazy, but push the holiday songs back one week, and maybe my skin won’t turn green with Grinch Syndrome/ excessive vomiting. You know… Anyways, yet another big week in entertainment lies ahead, including Black Swan, Epic Mickey, lots of sports match-ups. Figure out what you’ll be watching this week after the jump.]

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The Week Ahead: Nov 22-28

21 11 2010

[Aha! It’s Thanksgiving week, I’m going to home with family and friends, and I should finally have some time to play a few dozen hours of Black Ops multiplayer. The holiday week has quite a few movies to give, and there are obviously plenty of football games to watch as we all gorge ourselves with pies and turbaconduckens. Click the jump for notes on Tangled, Faster, Donkey Kong Country, and much more!]

Who needs family when you can spend your Thanksgiving holiday with this guy?

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The Week Ahead: Nov 15-21 (College Basketball!)

14 11 2010

[This week is all about the newest Harry Potter movie, which comes out Friday. Why are people getting so pumped when it isn’t even the last movie? Other than the fact that it’s Harry Potter, of course. I guess I’m just tired. Anyways click the jump to read about HP, Assassin’s Creed, The Next Three Days, and Patriots v. Colts. Oh, and the greatest sport of all time kicks off this week… COLLEGE BASKETBALL! Let’s go!]

Kimmie English is ready to play ball


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The Week Ahead: Nov 8-14

7 11 2010

[That’s right people, we have one of the biggest video-game franchises of the 21st Century returning to rake in more cash ┬áthis Tuesday in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Along with that big piece of news, we have Conan’s new show, Humans vs aliens, Brady vs Big Ben, and Denzel vs Train. Read up after the jump!]

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The Week Ahead: November 1-7

31 10 2010

[Folks, it’s been a pretty fun first month with The Media Experiment. I got four people to write with me, two of which are pretty consistent, the site’s had around 700 hits in about a half a month, which is fun for me at least, and people have found us searching things like ‘slender man’ and ‘bitch katherine heigl’. Time to start a new month, and the first week looks fairly interesting, including a new Goldeneye, Kinect, and Due Date. Read more after the jump!]

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