10 Movies I Like, So There

20 01 2011

If there’s one thing I’m seriously good at, it’s telling people what movies I like and don’t like. I don’t really feel like telling you why at the moment, so I’m just handing you a list and letting you run wild with it yourself (oh look at my self-importance assuming that anyone is going to read my list of thoughtfully chosen movies! Lawlz) So without further ado and a jump, czech it out.

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Movies That Matter: Week 1

1 11 2010

So, hey! I’m Jackie and I’m brand new and I’m sort of like “hey the Media Experiment, what’s happening?” I felt like I could have a place here because movies consume my life much like lions gnaw the shit out of zebras. It’s like we’re on one big safari all the time and you never know what movies are gonna pop up into your jeep. Some of them are really cute and you want to take them home with you, others are scary and you do not even want to see them again, some you feel the need to keep your distance from, and some are actually a really attractive tour guide who is just right for you. God, I’m so good at metaphors. But really, I love movies, and music (ok, I listen to Oldies, get off me), and I help myself to the occasional video game/computer game addiction. I thought I’d start off by talking to you about one of my favorite movies of all time, Some Like It Hot. Why? Find out after the jump.

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