My 5 Most Anticipated Movies of 2011

3 12 2010


Daniel Craig is horrible at being Amish.

As the weather begins to turn cold, the stores begin to shove bargains and adverts down our throats, and my mother begins to weep every time the song “Christmas Shoes” plays, I begin to look towards next year. While it’s nice to think about graduation and my last few months at home before heading off to college, there are also a lot of movies that have popped up on my radar. This is a good thing, since outside of the artsy masterpiece Inception, and fun little popcorn flicks like The Other Guys, The A-Team, and Scott Pilgrim, 2010 has been a pretty lackluster year for the silver screen.

Anyways, it was a little harder than I expected to whittle down a list of five films that look worth the price of admission, especially considering that it’s very easy to make an epic trailer out of a mediocre movie. Anyways, 2011 looks to haveeverything a movie geek could want, including aliens, wizards, Bill Clinton cameos, and stoner knights. Follow me after the jump for trailers and thoughts on some of the upcoming movies of 2011.

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5 Books I’m Not Ashamed to Say I Like More Than Harry Potter

18 11 2010

[For more of our favorite books, click this – Suppes]

While the Harry Potter series has captured the hearts of many, why have we totally turned our backs on some other cherished books that touched our young lives. Here’s 5 book series that filled my cute little head way back when. You ready to get nostalgic with me?

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