A Male’s Perspective On Edward vs. Jacob. And Twilight.

27 11 2010

It's not like, you know, heroin is bad for you or anything.

I will warn the readers: I have only seen the first two movies, and laughed many a-time at them(I am planning on reading all the books very soon). But there has always been that one piercing question: Who is better, Jacob or Edward? Well, read this article and you will receive a heterosexual male’s viewpoint on this debate.
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Behind the Geometry: Our Friend Pyramid Head.

21 11 2010

You're probably going to die.

Warning: This post contains violent and disturbing images.

Most gamers, by this point in time, have been acquainted with the friendly antagonist of Silent Hill 2 known as Pyramid Head. Pyramid Head, also eloquently titled as “The Red Pyramid Thing” by James Sunderland, stabs, rapes, and stabs some more. Meet me after the jump for a discussion on this kindly ol’ beast.
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