10 Movies I Like, So There

20 01 2011

If there’s one thing I’m seriously good at, it’s telling people what movies I like and don’t like. I don’t really feel like telling you why at the moment, so I’m just handing you a list and letting you run wild with it yourself (oh look at my self-importance assuming that anyone is going to read my list of thoughtfully chosen movies! Lawlz) So without further ado and a jump, czech it out.

  1. Pirate Radio, or as it’s known everywhere else in the world, The Boat That Rocked. Philip Seymour-Hoffman, pirates, and possibly the most amazing classic rock soundtrack every to exist. What more do you want?
  2. The Hours. Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, and Nicole Kidman (and for all you Nicole Kidman haters out there, no worries she’s got a fake nose on). Ok, I know this came out 9 years ago, but chill out. It’s still one of my favorite movies of all time because it is beautifully acted the entire way through. I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing it’s pretty cool I guess.
  3. Hollywood Ending. Woody Allen and Tea Leoni. Why it’s good in a nutshell: Woody Allen is a movie director who goes blind in the middle of making a movie and his ex-wife is the only one who knows about it. Woody Allen falls over and runs into things and pretends to make eye contact, but is looking the wrong direction every time he talks to someone. This does not cease to be entertaining.
  4. The King’s Speech. Colin Firth, Geoffery Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter. This movie just has what I like about most British movies, it’s extremely serious and deep and bucket loads of all that you want from a Best Picture nominated movie, but there’s still plenty of times when you catch yourself chuckling because of something silly that technically fits, but is still just random enough to catch you off guard. I was skeptical, but I’m sticking to the belief that any award Colin Firth wins this year is legitimate.
  5. Grumpy Old Men. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. It’s basically these guys reprising their roles from the Odd Couple except they live next door from each other in this verison and are 80. Plus, there’s snow in pretty much every scene which is fun because it’s like another character in the movie. This is especially fun if you yourself are snowed in and can laugh at old people who have to actually leave their house and drive around in it. I don’t mean Jack Lemmon, I mean you can relate to the old people you know who have to go to work.
  6. Bringing Up Baby. Katharine Hepburn. Cary Grant. A Leopard. I think that’s enough said.
  7. To Be Or Not To Be. Mel Brooks. Anne Bancroft. An acting troupe outsmarting the Nazis. It’s like the Producers with a less flamboyant musical accompaniment and more disguises. Good times to be had.
  8. The Return of the Pink Panther. Peter Sellers. Best line ever: I am a musician and the monkey is a business. He doesn’t tell me what to play and I don’t tell him what to do with his money.
  9. Vanilla Sky. SPOILER ALERT. Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz. This movie is hilarious because it starts off being really serious and you think something is going to be revealed other than he’s been frozen forever, but yea, that’s really it. But Penelope Cruz is my girl so I can’t not like this movie because she’s adorbs.
  10. Black Swan. I’m not going to say anything else except just let’s get people to stop saying it’s about the pressures of ballet. It’s about insanity and if you try to tell me anything otherwise you’re stupid.

You are very welcome for this lovely list which I’m sure you neither wanted or needed but have now nonetheless. Woo!




2 responses

20 01 2011

If you like Bringing Up Baby, you should check out What’s Up, Doc, if you haven’t already. It’s a similar humor and I love it just as much (even with Barbara Striesand).

20 01 2011
Matt Suppes

Wayne’s World. Movie-making at it’s finest. There’s something so simple yet eloquent about that Bohemian Rhapsody scene….. Party on, Wayne

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