Hindsight in the Super Bowl Halftime Show

6 02 2011

The Super Bowl Halftime show, isn’t it exciting? Seriously, anything can happen. From Janet Jackson’s nipple, to I mean, there’s nothing to follow that up. We all saw Janet Jackson with star covered nipples. No one will ever come close to garnering that kind of fame again, but there’s still plenty to say about this years show. Jump on over to get it started. Ha, pun.

In case you forgot

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How to Effectively Webstalk Celebrities!

26 12 2010

I have a confession to make: I am a celebrity stalker.

Carrie Fisher rocks, so get off me for being creepy about it.

Ok, not like an “in the bushes” kind of creeper, but I have developed an extremely effective system in becoming as creepy as can be from a distance. Fun! Also, it’s important to be aware of one’s own creepiness so maybe this will help you find out of where you fall on the celebrity creeper spectrum. Ready?

P.S. before we start…I didn’t mean to be away for forever, I am just…busy? Yea, that’s it. So busy. Hey.

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Awards Season 2011

29 11 2010

I love awards season. It is probably the most involved I get in anything that doesn’t directly involve me. The Oscars is my version of the Super Bowl.  And there’s something about the Oscars that really brings out the judgemental jerk in me, and it seems a lot of other people too. I don’t know if it’s all the gosh dang Versace just begging to be criticized for no reason or just the unending supply of shiny trophies going to the wrong people year after year. Nonetheless, I look forward to them each year and settle down into all the hype. When the Golden Globes finally hit, I get all giddy as we get closer to Oscar territory. But so far, this year isn’t seeming too awesome. It’s still way early I know, but let’s examine the facts so far:

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5 Books I’m Not Ashamed to Say I Like More Than Harry Potter

18 11 2010

[For more of our favorite books, click this – Suppes]

While the Harry Potter series has captured the hearts of many, why have we totally turned our backs on some other cherished books that touched our young lives. Here’s 5 book series that filled my cute little head way back when. You ready to get nostalgic with me?

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Music Recommendation: The Vitamin String Quartet

8 11 2010

The Vitamin String Quartet, besides just being awesome, is a cover band for rock hits but (here comes the twist) with string instruments. Think of a song that you love, and imagine it mellowed down exponentially. That would give you something like this:

Know what I’m saying? While I cherish the classic rock hits as they are, this is still hilarious. I mean, I could try to be serious and say that it makes you appreciate the music more than just the lyrical aspect. But really, it’s just fun to listen to something familiar and give it this classy feel. It’s fersure a riot. Here’ s a few more of my faves after the jump.

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DIY and Crafts: Star Wars Edition

4 11 2010

I really like DIY stuff. As such, I thought I’d talk to you about some cool crafts that are out and about on the internet that I’ve scavenged up. In the midst of trying to pick which ones where the most primo, I realized the Star Wars crafts are by far the most entertaining of anything else I could find. I’ll tell you straight up, I’ve only seen Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, so I’m not a big fan really. But these are some high quality Star Wars DIY tutorials and just crafts in general if I’ve ever seen any. Ready to check out some cool websites? I thought so.

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Movies That Matter: Week 1

1 11 2010

So, hey! I’m Jackie and I’m brand new and I’m sort of like “hey the Media Experiment, what’s happening?” I felt like I could have a place here because movies consume my life much like lions gnaw the shit out of zebras. It’s like we’re on one big safari all the time and you never know what movies are gonna pop up into your jeep. Some of them are really cute and you want to take them home with you, others are scary and you do not even want to see them again, some you feel the need to keep your distance from, and some are actually a really attractive tour guide who is just right for you. God, I’m so good at metaphors. But really, I love movies, and music (ok, I listen to Oldies, get off me), and I help myself to the occasional video game/computer game addiction. I thought I’d start off by talking to you about one of my favorite movies of all time, Some Like It Hot. Why? Find out after the jump.

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