The Best of 2010!

8 01 2011

Remember this? No? Read this.

Remember 2010? You might not after your drunken debauchery which ushered in the new year. I’m here to help you rejog your memory, with the best of 2010 list!

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Suppes’ Halloween Goodies: The Podcasts and Published Works of Scott Sigler

25 10 2010


Nice guy

If you’re a fan of horror novels, then surely you have heard of names like H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Richard Matheson, and Dean Koontz. Chances are good that you’ve read at least one book by any of the previously mentioned writers as well. While all of those guys are simply amazing in every aspect of their horror stories, I’ve recently been in love with one author and one author only: Scott Sigler, the future of Sci-Fi Thrillers as we know it.

The dude started out by giving his science fiction and horror stories away in the form of podcast episodes. Thanks to the popularity and success of his podcast books, Sigler grew a huge following of fans (Nicknamed “junkies”) and eventually landed a deal with Random House Publishing. He has since released three books, and they all deserve to be sitting on your bookshelf as we speak. Read about them after the jump!

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