First Impressions of Okamiden! (From an Okami Nerd)

21 03 2011

Dear all those who are reading this: If you have looked at any of my other blog posts (If you haven’t, read them now you ass), you would know that I am in love with Okami. Okami is my favorite game. Ever. So when the news came that there was going to be a sequel, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited. I rushed right to the nearest Game Stop to preorder me a copy of Okamiden. The following article will be a smidgen of my opinion on the game; the full review will come later. Here is my first impression of Okamiden, straight from an Okami addict.

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The 5 Most Beautiful Video Games Ever Created.

12 12 2010

Picture Unrelated: The beautiful, yet "special" Rita, from Arrested Development.

Welcome, readers! Today I will discuss the 5 most aesthetically pleasing video games that I have ever played. We all want games that are pleasing to the eye, right? Read on for beautiful women and beautiful games!

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My Top 3 Video Game Systems

24 11 2010


If you discuss the illustrious history of video games with a group of people long enough, eventually you’ll get to the greatest debate of them all: Which system is the best of all time? Is it the original powerhouse, the NES? How about the newer systems, which boast outstanding graphics and countless features? What if you factor in the games themselves? Does the N64 get your vote for Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, and Super Smash Bros, or is the Xbox and Halo your cup of Mountain Dew? In this article, I will rank my favorites from 3-1. Meet me after the jump to agree with me about everything. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 4 Games That Make Me Weep. (SPOILERS)

24 10 2010

People weep at novels, poems, movies, deaths, births, songs; you name it. I cry at the plots of video games. Once in awhile a plot comes along or a point in a plot that makes me curl up in the fetal position and wet the ground with my sweet sweet tears. These are those games:

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