5 Great Narrators in Movies and Television

10 01 2011

Not pictured: The narrator. Why? Because he's the f*cking narrator, that's why.

Of all the types of characters in the world of entertainment, the narrator is usually the most boring. Unless the topic at hand is being presented in documentary form, the narrator usually shows up in the beginning of the story, maybe shows up a time or two in the middle, and then wraps everything up at the end. All of this is usually done a droll, normal tone. In short, the narrator gives you the background info in a no-nonsense matter and then gets out of the way so you can enjoy the real action.

But that doesn’t mean the narrator can’t be an interesting, and sometimes even exciting part of a TV show or movie. Click the jump to see some examples of narrators that do a little bit more than what is required.

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The Week Ahead: Nov 8-14

7 11 2010

[That’s right people, we have one of the biggest video-game franchises of the 21st Century returning to rake in more cash ┬áthis Tuesday in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Along with that big piece of news, we have Conan’s new show, Humans vs aliens, Brady vs Big Ben, and Denzel vs Train. Read up after the jump!]

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly of The Walking Dead: Days Gone By

1 11 2010

[Ed notes: Alec has left the site, but we do have the addition of Jackie Land. We’re looking forward to her contributions!]

See kids? The street signs never lie.

Last night, most of the people in America were dressing up as pirates, pumpkins, slutty pirates, and slutty pumpkins. Doorbells were rung, parties were thrown, and the candy and booze flowed freely. For most people it was just another Halloween. But for me? I finally got to watch the premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead. I won’t go into details of exactly how many kids tried to ruin my TV viewing moment, but I will say that they all left my house either in tears or in pain; I’ve never been this excited about a TV show.

Luckily for me and all other TV fans, The Walking Dead did not disappoint me in any way that really mattered. In fact, it was one of the best damn things related to zombies that I’ve ever watched. Well deserving of a top 5 spot on my zombie list from last week. Anyways, follow me after the jump to see the best and worst (The worst is simply nitpicking) of AMC’s newest masterpiece. Some spoilers to follow.

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