Review: Starcraft 2

7 12 2010

I haven’t posted on this site for a while. That’s because all my computer time has been spent on the magical splendor that is Starcraft 2. 12 years after the release of the original Starcraft, we finally have a sequel to what is probably the most popular RTS of all time. Is it worth your sixty dollars? Find out after the jump.

It's doubtful that the SCV's will mount an adequate defense.

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Classics Review: Troll 2

15 10 2010

Chances are good that if you are a frequent viewer of internet videos, then you probably know this scene, perhaps one of the best examples of how to be a bad actor while not noticing the fly on your face in cinema history. The video comes from the cheap horror film Troll 2, which has no trolls, but plenty of vegetarian goblins. Today, Troll 2 has developed a decent cult following thanks to being so bad it’s hilarious. I recently purchased this film at Vintage Stock (For only 10 dollars) and after viewing it, I can say that its unofficial title of “Best Worst Film” (Also the title for a Troll 2 documentary that I now must see) is very well deserved. Troll isn’t just so bad it’s good; it’s so bad that it made me roll out of my chair with laughter.

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