Anne Hathaway as Catwoman: A poor choice.

19 01 2011

So it has been reported that Anne Hathaway is going to be Catwoman in the next Dark Knight film. Am I the only one that finds this to be not a good choice? Not that I have anything personally against Anne Hathaway. I think she is a wonderful actress. It’s just that…it’s Catwoman. Let me try and explain.

That’s Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, all in skintight leather and whatnot. It is clearly meant to be sexy, and it succeeds, because, well, skintight leather. And this is good, because Catwoman is supposed to be sexy. She was created to be sex appeal. She has a whip, for god’s sake.

That’s Halle Berry as Catwoman. Again with leather. You can argue that the movie is terrible (and it is.) You can argue that Halle Berry did not do a good job acting (probably why she won a Razzie.) But you cannot argue that Halle Berry is not sexy. Ignoring the rest of the film, as should be done by everyone, this is a good representation of Catwoman.

This is Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway is not sexy. Anne Hathaway is adorable. This is in no way a bad thing – in fact I think Anne Hathaway is considerably more attractive than Halle Berry. But at the same time, I just don’t think that Anne Hathaway is right for the part of Catwoman. In my head, at least, I just can’t see it happening in a way that is good. I could be wrong. I hope I am, actually. I would love for Anne to just surprise me and be freaking amazing. But we’ll have to wait and see.

(Jessica Alba would be a much better choice. Jessica Alba would be a much better choice for most film roles.)




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19 01 2011
Matt Suppes

The only thing I have to say is that Chris Nolan probably would never have Jessica Alba in one of his movies. If his choice of replacing Katie Holmes with Jakey Jake Chillen’-hal’s sister is any indication, he clearly favors good acting over attractiveness, no matter how similar their looks are to that of a horse.

I’m intrigued by this move. Anne kind of looks like a cat person

19 01 2011

Only because you’re a Jessica Alba fan, it does not mean she is better for the part. I don’t think Jessica is sexy or a good actor.

19 01 2011
Emily Dowdle

I thought Dame Judi Dench would have been a good Catwoman. I mean, that milky white sagging skin in pleather? ME-OW

20 01 2011

I think that Anne Hathaway can act and I think Christopher Nolan knows what he is doing. I think casting Anne Hathaway is also a smart choice in terms of bringing in an audience. Also, I don’t think anybody expected Heath Ledger to be such a good Joker, but Christopher Nolan did and therefore I trust him. And you should do a google image search, Anne Hathaway is on the hot side of pretty, not the adorable side. I don’t think that Michelle Pfeiffer was necessarily the hottest woman, but she worked that suit. Anyway I am excited.

And Alba isn’t a very good actress, unless she is in a Robert Rodriguez film then she becomes awesome in that Robert Rodriguez way (not even making that up, her best two movies have been Sin City and Machete). Angelina Jolie isn’t the best actress either, and since Hathaway has been announced as Selina Kyle, I am guessing a large part of the movie she won’t be donning the catsuit, which is the only reason we would want Jolie and Alba (to look hot in the pleather/leather outfit). So I think going with a good actress is a better choice.


Actually, Emily is right, Judi Dench would have been the best choice.

20 01 2011

I think Julie andrews if we’re picking seniors.

Julianne Moore would be the perfect choice in my opinion. Great actress and smoking hot.

20 01 2011
Trevor Mitchell

All these Alba haters. Go watch The Eye and then tell me if you still think she’s a bad actress.

(Warning: After watching The Eye you will still think she’s a bad actress.)

20 01 2011
Matt Suppes

Per Rotten Tomatoes…

Highest rated flick with Alba: Sin City (78%)

Since then, films with Alba have all been rotten besides Machete (72%)

Only one of those rotten films is above 50%,

20 01 2011
Matt Suppes

Before Sin City, highest rated movie with Alba is Never Been Kissed (56%)

She has made this contribution to society though…

20 01 2011

As I said, Robert Rodriguez likes saves Jessica Alba from being awful. Like she probably should be in Spy Kids 4.

11 02 2011

People really needs to come up with better reasons like “oh i trust Christopher nolan on this because nobody thought Heath Ledger would be a very good Joker” Heres the thing Anne Hathaway is not Heath Ledger, and just because Heath Ledger was successful in his role doesn’t mean it’ll be the same with Anne Hathaway. Just because she can act out the lines doesn’t mean shes a good choice to play the part. Catwoman is all about sex appeal and Anne Hathaway doesn’t not have those qualifications. The only part i can see her perfect for is being one of Bruce Waynes one night stands no more no less. Im aware Nolan made two good Batman films even tho i thought The Dark Knight lacked in action with more talk and action and that if it wasn’t for Heath Ledgers performance the movie wouldn’t have gotten that many good reveiws. I know alot of people are gonna hate me saying that but hey its the truth when people talk about TDK what is you mostly hear about that is Heath Ledgers performance as the Joker, you never hear about anything else about that film besides Joker. Now onto the 2nd villian Bane, now as far as i know Nolan is planning on making him more realistic(big shock) which prob means hes gonna take away all the things that makes that character cool. Im sure Tom Hardy will nail the role but isn’t Bane suppose to be mexican? I know it can’t be no worse then Batman and Robin so with that said ill give this film a chance but i stick to my word Anne Hathaway as Catwoman will be a fail theres even a possibility this movie will fail to because how many movies do you know that went on and had a 3rd successful sequel after the first 2 done well? All i can say is not many but i will give it a chance in hopes that im wrong because Batman is fave of all time lol

16 03 2011
Nick Cveljo

Personally i think this is a terrible move i just cant see Anne Hathaway pulling off catowman.

1 04 2011

I agree, Anne Hathaway is adorable not sexy. She seems to be to bubbly of a person to be Catwoman. My favorite will forever be Michelle as Catwoman. Personally I wanted Scarlett Johanson but she’s gone Marvel Comics (not good to mix with DC), Kate Beckinsale might have been good too, and if we’re just throwing it out there Angelina Jolie (but she’s just a baised guilty pleasure choice). Jessica Alba would have been horrible like beyond horrible, she’s sexy but not in a dominating, intimidating way like Catwoman is supposed to be. For some reason in my head Keira Knightley might have been a fun choice (think “Domino”) that or Helena Bonham Carter (the woman is crazy enough for it; Fight Club, Harry Potter, the Red Queen, am I right?). It also might have been exciting to find an unknown actress for the part, I mean we all know this movie is going to blow up the box office when it comes out anyway.

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