Review: The Hangover Part II

1 06 2011



That was my initial reaction to seeing The Hangover: Part II, the highly anticipated sequel to one of the better comedy flicks in recent memory. Whatever. Thanks to the vast success of the first Hangover movie, the sequel was pretty much immediately announced by noted raunchy filmmaker, Todd Phillips. Soon the trailers and posters and other hype machines began coming around. The Wolfpack was returning to the big screen, and soon enough every bro and ho was updating their Facebook status with eager anticipation of the new movie.

I give most of the blame for this ridiculous over-hype machine to the young people of Generation Y, AKA the Bros Icing Bros Generation (we deserve it. We’re the worst). The common motif with the Bros Icing Bros Generation is to embrace only a choice few pieces of entertainment and run with the damn things for as long as they exist, no matter how obviously stupid they eventually boil down to. The short list of prime Bros Icing Bros entertainment is relatively short, but it more than answers everything you need to know about how truly committed people can be once the general population decides something deserves to be called the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Twilight
  • The Hangover
  • Glee
  • Jersey Shore

That’s just the few things that I can come up with off the top of my head, but the pattern is already well-defined. Granted, the first Hangover movie was very funny, but most of that praise came from the fact that it took some relatively unknown actors, threw them into an inappropriate movie, and then kept on giving the audience new lewd shit to gasp and laugh about. It was fresh, but the freshness pretty much died as soon as the sequel was announced. It was only a matter of time before that became clear to a lot of snooty film critics.

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Classics Review: The Brave (and Terrifying) Little Toaster

23 12 2010

Finals are over, and I can now return to caring even less about school than I did during finals. Thusly, more posting.

The Brave Little Toaster is quite possibly my favorite animated movie of all time. It’s the story of five anthropomorphic appliances who set out in search of their Master, a little boy who used to live in the cabin they inhabit. It’s actually based on a science fiction novel written in 1980.

Irresponsible life decisions.

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Movies That Matter: Week 1

1 11 2010

So, hey! I’m Jackie and I’m brand new and I’m sort of like “hey the Media Experiment, what’s happening?” I felt like I could have a place here because movies consume my life much like lions gnaw the shit out of zebras. It’s like we’re on one big safari all the time and you never know what movies are gonna pop up into your jeep. Some of them are really cute and you want to take them home with you, others are scary and you do not even want to see them again, some you feel the need to keep your distance from, and some are actually a really attractive tour guide who is just right for you. God, I’m so good at metaphors. But really, I love movies, and music (ok, I listen to Oldies, get off me), and I help myself to the occasional video game/computer game addiction. I thought I’d start off by talking to you about one of my favorite movies of all time, Some Like It Hot. Why? Find out after the jump.

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Classics Review: Troll 2

15 10 2010

Chances are good that if you are a frequent viewer of internet videos, then you probably know this scene, perhaps one of the best examples of how to be a bad actor while not noticing the fly on your face in cinema history. The video comes from the cheap horror film Troll 2, which has no trolls, but plenty of vegetarian goblins. Today, Troll 2 has developed a decent cult following thanks to being so bad it’s hilarious. I recently purchased this film at Vintage Stock (For only 10 dollars) and after viewing it, I can say that its unofficial title of “Best Worst Film” (Also the title for a Troll 2 documentary that I now must see) is very well deserved. Troll isn’t just so bad it’s good; it’s so bad that it made me roll out of my chair with laughter.

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