Five of the Worst Fanfics On the Internet.

15 12 2010

Hello, chiiiildren! If you aren’t aware, fanfic stands for “fanfiction”. Fanfiction is when somebody takes a plot/characters of a video game, movie, etc, and writes a new story based on that. Some of these are actually very well written, but there are many that are just horrible. Read on to learn more about 5 of the worst facnfictions.

*Warning: Fanfics suck. They also have offensive language and sexually explicit material. BEWARE!*

#5- Until the End of Time

Basically, Goku goes back in time and saves Anne Frank from Hitler. It’s short, thank God.

#4- My Inner Life


#3-Kiss and Tell?

Okay. I respect Justin Bieber. I don’t find this hilarious just because it’s Bieber. This is a very short fanfic. What confuses me is what happens after she dumps him. Did he ram into the wall? Did he transform into something? I mean, what the hell happened? The author didn’t take this anywhere, nor did she add any chapters. The story has good grammar and spelling compared to the rest. But still. So much mystery!

#2-My Immortal

This is where I would discuss this. I simply can’t do that. Please, just read it. It is well known as the worst fan fic ever.

Dramatic Reading

“He took of my top and I took of his clothes. I even took of my bra. Then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for the first time.”

#1-Metroid High School

This hardly needs any kind of commentary. It’s always been questioned whether someone wrote this to be serious or not. I think after typing two chapters of this, any body in their right mind would, you know,  stop. This fanfic has horrible grammar, and even worse spelling (juggernoghut?). The author seems to have an extremely deep understanding of relationships, “Samus and Ridley went to prom together as a couple, but samus exboyfriends didnt do so bad at all. Cerventes went with 111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006 because they were both angsty and thought cool, and Amy went with Adam (not just because of their shared letters, but they had other commons).” Angsty and thought cool? Aw, love is so deep. The author also seems to have a very deep knowledge of politics, “In George Bush’s last minute in office he excommunicated all aliens, so Tio Juan had to go back to mexico in the middle of the night. Too bad for bush, he ran for president of Mexico and won! (My dad told me that Mexico will probably be more powerful than the United States in a few years, so thats not so bad).” The story is insanely long, and uses some interesting language. There is also an “Explicit” version floating around on Fanfics which includes a steamy paragraph long sex scene. Have fun!

Ridley is so cute. :)

“Honorable” mentions: DOOM: Repercussions of Evil Lust Penis (Warning: HORRIBLY GRAPHIC)



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