Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

4 03 2011


Well hello, readers! We all have those video games where the music is incredibly catchy, and just sticks with us, right? Well I know I do. And I can confirm that I have around 530 tracks on my iPod from various video game soundtracks. From Zelda to Silent Hill, I tell you what the best are!

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The Rural Alberta Advantage

15 02 2011

You like Neutral Milk Hotel, right? You’ve never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel? Ugh. Okay, I don’t have time for that. Right now we are discussing The Rural Alberta Advantage. They’re a very folksy band from, surprise, Alberta. I discovered them while looking at the list of bands on Saddle Creek Records. If you have heard of Neutral Milk Hotel, and I hope you have, you’ll hear the extreme similarity in the vocals. The RAA’s first album Hometowns came out in 2009, and on March 1st, their second album, Departing will be released. I am way excited, and this band is pretty much all I’ve been listening to for about a week. They made me put down The People’s Key, and that takes some work. Here’s In The Summertime, by the Rural Alberta Advantage.

Remembering The White Stripes.

2 02 2011


So today when I awoke, the internet informed me of two things. The first was that school had already been canceled tomorrow, which brought me great joy. This joy was soon crushed by the news that The White Stripes had broken up. This is not the happiest news. The White Stripes are (were) my 2nd favorite band like, ever, and their music was one of the driving forces that made me realize that classic rock, while wonderful, was not the only thing that existed. So to somewhat alleviate my depression, here’s my favorite song from each of the White Stripes’ six albums.

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Music Recommendation: Codeine Velvet Club (And My Man Crush On Jon Fratelli).

31 01 2011

Hey. Are you Jon Fratelli? No? Then shut up and read!

Some of you may be saying Jon Fratelli? Is he the guy who invented the turnip? Or you may be asking; Jimmy, could you not think of a Mexican dish that sounded like Fratelli so you chose “turnip”? The answer to both questions is no! Jon Fratelli, who was born John Lawler (LAWL!), is the lead singer of the Fratellis, and now the lead singer of Codeine Velvet Club. Meet me after the jump for more on Codeine Velvet Club and the sexy Jon Fratelli!

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Music Recommendation: Metronomy

28 01 2011

What happens when you mix three Brits with a bunch of electronic instruments? They make an alt-techno band, idiot. And today’s recommended alt-techno band is none other than Metronomy, a (formerly) trio of guys who love to party, but were kicked out of said party and delegated to making the music for the party instead. Do you follow me? Of course not, let’s move on!

[rambling and, more importantly, videos after the jump]

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27 01 2011

The song is “Burn It Down” by AWOLNATION. If you’re afraid of listening to music without it being compared via some sort of analogy to another musician, it’s as if Eric Hutchinson traded his piano for a synthesizer. Check the video responses on the Youtube page for a remix by Innerpartysystem, the only way to make this song any cooler.

Music Recommendation: The Chameleons

11 01 2011

The 80's were a great decade for ugly sweaters

[Quick Warning: My music posts never really focus entirely on the band in the title, but there will be youtube videos of that band after the jump for your enjoyment. So enjoy.]

When it comes to indie music, nothing gets a hipster’s heart fluttering more than the bands that were indie before words like “indie”, “grunge”, or “alternative” were common language in the world of music. Nothing is more satisfying for indie kings than to say something like, “If the Pixies didn’t exist, then Nirvana never would have happened!” or, “Quit blabbing about your stupid Coldplay! If it wasn’t for Joy Division (or Radiohead) then you wouldn’t even have a Coldplay to blab about!”

… Or something like that. I think that’s what people are into these days.

Anyways, I too am a big fan of the so called precursors to the altern-rock movement, and if I had to make a quick list of my five favorites, it would look something like this…

5. Television

4. The Smiths

3. Pixies

2. The Chameleons

1. The Stone Roses

More pondering and Chameleons love (Plus video) after the jump

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