2011 Best Picture Nominees

27 02 2011

Yesterday, at 10:00 AM, I decided that watching all 10 of the nominees for Best Picture was a much better plan than like, sleeping or something foolish like that. Anyway. I sat for 24 hours and watched what are theoretically the 10 best films released this year. Now after roughly three hours of sleep I’ll see what I can yell angrily about them.

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The Week Ahead: Dec 6-12

5 12 2010

[Ahh December, the second greatest month of the year (Second to March, obviously). The movies are flying fast, there are plenty of NFL, NBA and college basketball games to choose from, and while there is only on video game of note being released this week, it is an expansion to one of the biggest phenomenons in PC gaming. In short, it’s a busy looking week. Check out all the details after the jump.]

Fear this man

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