Dead Island: Quite Possibly the Most Epic Video Game Trailer Ever

16 02 2011

Let’s detail out a few quick facts here before I link the epic-ness you are about to see:

  1. I randomly saw a tweet by Entertainment Weekly for the trailer of this game. I was intrigued, as I hadn’t heard anything about it at all, and because I’m a sucker for zombie games, moves, et cetera.
  2. I was simply expecting a normal, action packed, heavy metal-filled zombie video game trailer.
  3. I saw the description “Lost-meets-The Walking Dead and suddenly became way more interested.

And then I watched the trailer…

Hoe. Lee. Shit.

Say it with me now: Hoe. Lee. Shit.

I know that trailers of any sort shouldn’t be used to judge an unreleased game or movie, but damn. I think it’s going to be pretty hard for me to not pick up a copy of this when the game comes out, especially if the game is story driven ala World War Z.

What’s more is that this is coming off of the trailer for the decade-late game Duke Nukem Forever, which had an equally entertaining trailer, albeit far less serious. What are we coming to in this world where people are making video game trailers amazingly artistic? In short, I have to play this game now.

[Sidenote: As far as movie trailers go so far this year, Battle: Los Angeles definitely takes the cake. Sure, there’s a good chance it can still be a lackluster movie, but it’s certainly not straightforwardly cheesy like Skyline.]

H/T to EW


The Rural Alberta Advantage

15 02 2011

You like Neutral Milk Hotel, right? You’ve never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel? Ugh. Okay, I don’t have time for that. Right now we are discussing The Rural Alberta Advantage. They’re a very folksy band from, surprise, Alberta. I discovered them while looking at the list of bands on Saddle Creek Records. If you have heard of Neutral Milk Hotel, and I hope you have, you’ll hear the extreme similarity in the vocals. The RAA’s first album Hometowns came out in 2009, and on March 1st, their second album, Departing will be released. I am way excited, and this band is pretty much all I’ve been listening to for about a week. They made me put down The People’s Key, and that takes some work. Here’s In The Summertime, by the Rural Alberta Advantage.

Media Man Crush: Alan Tudyk

13 02 2011

We here at The Media Experiment are not afraid to shout to the world our strange attractions to people of the same sex (Ok, maybe that’s just me, but still (I’m not gay (ladies))) and with Valentine’s Day tomorrow, it’s high time to have our second installment of Media Man Crush! This month’s installment focuses on an actor that has been in almost every type of movie imaginable. From sci-fi’s to westerns, comedies to dramas, Mr. Tudyk is one of those guys that isn’t necessarily a household name (unless you’re a Firefly/ Serenity super fan), but is instantly recognizable. Add to that his stunning good looks and general awesomeness, and you’ve got a guy that you can be attracted to without being gay. In fact, if you actually are not attracted to Alan Tudyk, you might be considered gay by 95% of the male population. Fact.

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New Voiceover Makes NatGeo’s Honey Badger Clip 100 Times More Hilarious

10 02 2011


New and Improved

Yeah, just goes to show that you can take just about anything educational, give it a goofy narrator  (Damn Nature, You Scary!), and turn it into something entertaining. Call me old fashioned or easy to entertain, but I was pretty much rolling for the entirety of this gayer rendition of the Honey Badger segment. Maybe it gets a little old since 70% of the video is “Oh my God, he’s eating a snake!”, but I’ll give it a pass. This is the best educational video spoof since What Really Happened to Rusty, the Narcoleptic Dachshund.

H/T to Warming Glow

Double Whammy: My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials and Bookmare 2011

7 02 2011

Honestly, I’m not even sure if this commercial was part of yesterday’s Super Bowl commercials. I missed the first quarter or so of the game on television, and all I know is that this was a finalist for Doritos’ annual SB commercial competition. It sounds like the winner was the creepy finger sucking commercial, so I’m giving an extra shout-out to the birthday commercial, which is equal parts silly and inappropriate. Let’s break it down:

  • Boring old dad looks eerily similar to Maps and Atlases singer Dave Davison. He also is goofy and acts like a silly little kid.
  • He suddenly pulls a dick move on his “son” (that kid looks nothing like the parents) and blows out the candles for a box of Doritos.
  • There is suddenly a hip hop robot. Slightly overweight dad and robot dance badly.
  • The end

I was pretty much on the floor trying to re-learn how to breathe after losing said ability from laughing so hard. A close second/ third place goes to these videos.

Because pugs are freaking awesome, and because the modern day guy in the Carmax commercial does a good job of being seriously confused and terrified.

Now, after the jump I have what may be the most ridiculous reading list of my entire life. Click the jump and watch in horror; it’s BOOKMARE 2011!

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Hindsight in the Super Bowl Halftime Show

6 02 2011

The Super Bowl Halftime show, isn’t it exciting? Seriously, anything can happen. From Janet Jackson’s nipple, to I mean, there’s nothing to follow that up. We all saw Janet Jackson with star covered nipples. No one will ever come close to garnering that kind of fame again, but there’s still plenty to say about this years show. Jump on over to get it started. Ha, pun.

In case you forgot

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Stuff I’m Liking.

4 02 2011

A recent spate of snow days has sent me into a spiral of nerdiness from which I may never recover, not that I quite want to. The main factor in my self inflicted loneliness? The wonder that is Dead Space 2. Hopefully, in the near future, me and Suppes will geek out and audibly yell at you why this game rocks. After the jump, I say more things.

He followed me home! Can I keep him?

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